Week 11

The past week and a half the mosaic team have been moving at an absolutely cracking pace! Mosaicists have been laying like maniacs and the Butser staff cohort have been joining in, too. Net result – the central segment of the floor – to the outer border of the 4-strand guilloche (ropework) design – is complete. That’s 6 square metres of floor, 600 hours of volunteer labour and around 55,000 tesserae.

It’s time to down trowels until next year now – the villa is getting a tad cool for the workers and the mortar, alike. What a great project it has been so far, and an excellent point to pause because we have a 6 square metre mosaic floor!

It’s also time to say another huge ‘thank you’ to our volunteers and collaborators:

Arthur, Barbara, Emily, Jamie, Jane, Julia, Juliet, Linden, Louisa, Maria, Karen, Richard, Sue, Trevor, Will, and the rest of the Butser staff who had to do a lot of extra work while some of us were out of the office, crawling about on the floor.

Thanks to Bignor Villa, Fishbourne Roman Palace, Winchester Museum for their support, and to South Downs National Park for support and financial assistance.

Here are some photographs of the past week’s works, featuring a cast of characters!

p.s. this won’t be the last upload to the blog – there’s movie time-lapse to come and who knows what else. Keep watching this space…


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